Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Skatepark!!!!

Zigging and zagging through the difficult Skatepark going around the fierce turns and jumps. Shaking with nerves up and down my spine ready to go down a steep ramp. Pushing very gently to go down the scary ramp. Speeding down like a jet in full speed trying to control the speed in a speedy Skatepark.

My precious family and I got used to the skatepark because we went there three days in a row. There were plenty of others who also came to master their skills. Me and my family were having the time of our lives. While having the time of our lives we were skating the long turns which were as easy as cake. The jumps were about 2 meters high and I nailed it.

That tells you that if you keep your mind to it you can accomplish anything. An example if you wanted to get a try in rugby then you have to keep it in your mind and then the magic happens. At the end you would have scored many tries. There are many things that can be accomplished but only if you keep your mind to whatever it is.

Skating is a skill and it is pretty hard but in my family we say “I will or I won't” instead of “I can’t.” That means give it a go. If you come across a Skatepark then give it a go and have fun. I look forward to see you doing your tricks on a skateboard.

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  1. Fantastic writing son, and I love the juicy, juicy language. Remember "what we think about we become" and "Give it a go, give it go, learn, grow, and have lots of fun)..Love DAD


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