Monday, August 11, 2014

First day Adventure 10.08.14

First day Adventure

Freezing cold on Sunday afternoon at 2:00pm ready for a awesome adventure. Mt. Ruapehu is a very big mountain that is covered in snow that many people ride down on their snowboard/skis. Me and my family are all snowboarders and this is our third time at Mt.Ruapehu. There a four kids and two adults. We all love snowboarding and enjoy it. The youngest two haven't been to Mt.Ruapehu before in their lives. We do amazing things together as a family, and mum and dad decided to come back and take us snowboarding for a whole week.  

All the gear for a snowboarder includes a warm jacket, snowboard boots, helmet or beanie, snow pants, snow gloves, snow goggles, and thermals (top and pants). You will need all this gear to survive on the mountain, otherwise you will might end up in an ice cube, just jokes!!!! That has never happened to me yet, but my snow pants DO freeze, when I sit down a lot. The skills of snowboarding included turning (180/360), jumping, stopping, and staying on your board. 

There where a couple of fails with all us kids that day. Me and the second oldest brother were just getting used to the snow again. It had been two years since we have been on the mountain. We tried and tried but we kept falling down until I took it nice and slowly down the hill. From then onwards, I didn't fall down again that day. I felt as happy as can be.

My favourite thing about that afternoon was seeing my two youngest brother's snowboarding down the mountain, and having so much fun. It took them a while to snowboard but know they're awesome and amazing at it and still learning more. My dad's goal is for both of them to go to the top of the mountain and them coming down. Lets find out later if that goal has been achieved. 

I'll get back to you and give you the news in my next blog about snowboarding!

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  1. Awesome Levi. I hope the weather is great for the week. Most people spend the first day falling over and then get the hang of it for the rest of the week. I look forward to reading more about your wonderful family trip to Mt Ruapehu. What tracks are you snowboarding on?


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