Friday, October 28, 2011

Rocket Launch

Sweating and shaking with fear I straped the seatbelt around me so I will be safe. I had all the gear to go on this marvellous trip to mars. He finaly said "lifted-off into the sky.

I felt terrible because my body was screaming and I fell right back into my set. It was very loud because the engine had a lot of pressure to zoom into a different place. Things there were amazing. So many interesting things that were up in space. I have been once before to mars & this is my 2nd time.

Taking some pictures with my space photography camera, I whispered to my self "wow" I am lucky to go to mars for four weeks. Yes I have made it to mars again.

Rushing out with excitment I yelled from my heart "I love space."

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  1. Wicked animation and heart-pounding story. I love it - great work, keep it up!
    Love Mum


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