Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Alien Snot

Room 13 made icky alien snot and it was an activate.

The things you need to make alien snot is simple. You need a little bit of water a bowl and some cornflour & some green food colouring and a spoon.

First you poor 1 cup of cornflour in your bowl. Then you poor in that little bit of water & then stir it with that spoon. Know add the green food colouring and there you have alien snot.

That was a great thing to do if you are learning about space.


  1. Alien snot yuck. I might just have to try and make some. Great recipe...love dad

  2. Slimy, dripping and viscous... oooooooh, sounds perfectly gross and very cool! We might need to try it at home in the holidays with your brothers;)
    Love mum


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