Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stardom Trip

This is a 50 word story. Hope you enjoy.

Going on this Trip will be very cool. Walking up the giant One Tree Hill, was very cool because I had ran the hole way with a friend called Isiah. It was very funny to run up with him. Running to the Stardom I said” we finished running. Lunch time !!!

That's it for today.Thanks for reading my story.


  1. Hello Levi! You must be really fit to run to the top of One Tree Hill! You've done a great job on the picture, looks like a fun trek up the hill. Great job.

  2. Hi Levi!
    You must be a really strong and fit person. You've done a very great job with your picture that you drew. But the only problem was your writing. Other than that you did a great job.
    Keep it up!!!!


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