Wednesday, November 2, 2011

ImmersiLevi on Assembly Outta This World

Let me take you out on a journey to space the outside of our world. Maybe should go to mars but we must have all the gear first.

In Immersion Assembly at Pt England School our topic is all about space. It a very cool topic for us to learn about many things in space. I was sitting up waiting to find out what our topic was for the rest of the term 4. I am so glad to to learn about space.

My favourite team was the star wars one because it was so funny. Everyone laughed. Their was no way I would stop laughing. It was a great time to laugh.

Thanks for listening to my story.


  1. Awesome story son, and great to read you are keen to learn about Space. I love the picture, is it master windu from star wars?
    Keep up the great dad

  2. Hi Levi cool work their like lot's of thing from outta this world.Space is a cool thing to learn about did you know that some stars are bigger then the sun good work keep it up.from Anthony


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