Monday, March 3, 2014

Writing Test

Pt England School is the place to be if your son our daughter has no other school. I go to Point England School. I am a year eight student here and also a house captain for Tainui (Blue). I also means that I am the responsibility for my house team. Do you Have House Leaders at your school? This year my teacher is Mrs Paget is sometimes the bomb, but sometimes she is also grumpy at us. That is because we aren’t behaving in class.

I think that she is very cool if you got to know her much better. My Favorite subject’s are Reading, and Maths and if Pe (sports) counts then that is my favorite. I love to play rugby, Basketball, league, and a lot more. What is your favorite sport? Do you do sport at your school? School is the bomb, but there is only one problem. I’m leaving to go to College next year. I can’t wait but at the same time I don’t want to leave.

Friends are cool I have many friends some are  younger some are older that doesn’t matter to me. My best friends is Uili. He is a samoan and a mormon. He is the coolest guy I’ve ever meet. Who’s your favourite friends? His favorite sports are rugby, softball, cricket and league. He is so sporty like me. He is in the same classroom as me and he is a prefect which takes care of the school and there are four boys and girls as prefects. they are all my friends.

I do wonder what what will be so fun this year? Please pray that I will find the right College for 2015. Thanks.

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  1. Love your enthusiasm... I too pray that you'll find the right College for you!
    Love Mum


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