Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Levis plate day

Straight after school, me and my family went to a place called orthodontist to get a plate, to fix my teeth. When we got there they told me the rules about the plate so I would not break it. When the lady put the plate in my mouth she told me to talk. So I did and I sounded funny when the plate was in my mouth. It felt weird wearing it. The best part about getting a plate is saying funny words, but the worst part was getting food stuck in my plate. But definitely the best part of getting a plate is my teeth will get fixed.


  1. Wow Levi, that picture is absolutely ... well... gorgeous!
    You're so right, plates are really annoying, but your teeth do end up looking so much better. I had to wear one for ages, and braces too.
    You'll have to share your funny words with the class, I didn't hear any today - maybe you weren't talking enough!

  2. Your blog has kept me entertained for ages - what a range of posts you have already in March. Awesome work Levi. I am wondering what the lense of the camera looked like after it had been inside that cavern to shoot the video?
    Looking forward to the next instalment....

    Mrs Burt

  3. Great Job Levi, your blogs are better than mine and I am a year 8.
    Keep up the blogs


  4. Great blog I like how u explain what a plate is.

  5. Great writing Levi! Darius had a plate last year and he sounded really funny saying "sausages". Are you use to wearing your plate yet?

    Love Miss Lavakula


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