Monday, May 6, 2013

Xbox 360 Star wars Lego.

It was so funny when we all were playing Xbox. Do you know what an Xbox is??? Well if you don't know then listen up. An Xbox is a little machine that you put a disc in and you have controls, so it's the same as a play station. There is a difference between the play station and the Xbox. The difference are that the controls are that play station has 8 buttons on both sides and

There is thousands of games and the ones that I like is Lego Star Wars, You have to try it! There are kinect games that are so cool to play, It is very tiring.There is different kinds of Xbox's.

My favourite character is master windu who has a different lightsaber because it is a purple and I wonder why he is the only one with a purple lightsaber. If you can post a blog and I'll be happy to look at it.

You have to try the game.

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