Monday, April 29, 2013

Where can we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zooming here and their with my cousins Ana and Malia and my brother Noah and my mum. We were going to have an adventure at Rock Climbing. Sadly they had run out of harness so the Lady said "May you please come back in 15-30 minutes". So then we had a group talk and the options were waiting for 15 -30 minutes or Tenpin Bowling and we all chose to go TENPIN BOWLING!!!!!

As soon as we got out of the car I got my game
face on because I have never won a single match. Stretching, ready to go in we had just found out that it is closed from 8am-8pm for a bowling tournament and I was so upset that I stretched for nothing. We all walked back to the car like a lump of sad carrots. WHY NOW, WHY NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Mum said "Why don't we play on the Xbox" and we all agreed. So there we are playing Xbox Kinect games and my favourite one is Table Tennis because I have a pretty good technique. It is doing the GANGNAM STYLE!!!!!! I felt so sad thatt
we didn't win and we were challenged to the champions that are the computer and they are hard.

 At lets we all enjoyed it. Kiakite.


  1. Hey Levi,

    How dissappointing about the rock climbing and bowling, maybe you could find a bowling game for the kinect sometime?

    Great recount, just remember to watch your punctuation, like adding a question mark when someone asks a question.

    Keep it up :) Mr. Hutchings

  2. Hey Your Royal Gorgeousness,

    Cool recount, son. I loved that you've realised that it's not always what you do that counts, but who you do it with, and the attitude of making the most of every moment.
    Love Mum


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