Wednesday, April 24, 2013

FiaFIa Night

This is the big night that we had been preparing for the last day of school. Puffing and huffing ready to get on the stage. It is going to be a wonderful night seeing all of the kids do their performance. The song that we did with our performance was " Little Talks " By ( Of Monsters And Men )

So there was me and Isara showing off and it was quite cool. I went backwards and then Isara did the exact same thing. At first when I tried to do the unicycle I wasn't good. Now I'm very good. It was so fun that I didn't  want our performance to finish.

If you were there you would of seen me live. But you are lucky that my Mum videoed me and everything we did. Did you enjoy it?? I know that my family loved it.

Well that's my part of the story. What do you think??


  1. Hi Levi

    It's so great to see you posting in the holidays! The Unicycling group were very cool. I didn't get to watch it properly on the night as the Niuean group were performing straight after you and I was on the side of the stage waiting with them. I'm glad that you posted a video to share your experience. You are a bit of an expert now aren't you! Well done.

  2. Hey son,

    Words can't describe how proud I was of you for learning and mastering the Unicycle within ONE TERM!
    Big ups to Ms Rapold, legendary teacher, and also to your perseverance and passion in practice.
    Well done.
    Love Mum


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