Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Mean's?????

Easter is an a amazing thing and it reminds us to thank god for saving us from our sins. By the way my name is Levi and I'm a christen and Jesus saving my sins is a wonderful thing and we all need to thank him every single Easter Friday. Are you a believer? Jesus died on the cross and was wrapped in bandages around him and laid in a tomb and rose on the third day.

Easter Bunnies mean that there is chocolate for all of us to eat. Easter Eggs mean the exactly same thing. They are very delicious and yum. Come lets have an Easter hunt next thing we all had to go down stairs and find some Easter eggs and we all found three but I found one more.

I went to Rainbow ends and went on all of the rides even the Fear Fall, the Roller Coaster, Pirate Ship and the Invader. It was cool because me and my brother's went on the fear fall also Toby my little brother went on it too and he is only 5 year’s old.

When we went on the Fear fall I was so excited!
My dad,brothers and my cousins came on, we were all amazed.

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  1. Love it Levi - proud of you son for standing for the truth - I'm grateful for what Jesus did for us, too!
    Our trip to Rainbow's End was a special treat - I got dizzy watching you on those crazy rides. Loved wetting you on those Bumper Boats though:)
    Love mum


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