Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Favourite Super Hero

Hi my name is Levi my favourite superhero is Super man. His cool powers are flying, shooting laser out of his eyes, he can lift up almost anything and he can blow like a tornado coming toward you. The Person i've only seen him fighting was Goku super saiyan. One move I seen them do together was that Goku was doing his kame kame ha and super man was making his laser coming out of his eyes. As soon as both of them reached each other they created a big huge ball in front of them.

When they whirr still fighting superman's laser was pushing harder than Goku’s kame kame ha. Then later suddenly Goku’s kame kame ha was pushing and pushing then a minute later the hole place exploded with a huge bang. Then Goku and superman got up as fast as they can and quickly got in there move but Goku’s move was a spirit  bomb and superman’s move was that he blows as hard as he could but Goku’s move was stronger than superman’s.

Suddenly goku’s spirit  bomb was so strong that superman flow far far away that goku had to fly to him. Bye the time goku got to him superman hi crashed
into a mountain and fell down and  was so weak that he could not stand up so Goku won the fight and superman lost I was really looking forward for superman

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  1. Wow i didn't know your favourite super hero was super man.
    i haven't seen that that move from them.

    keep up the good work.


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