Friday, March 22, 2013

Old Man Walking Across the Beach

Walking along the beach the man was in an over-sized jacket. All you could hear was the big waves smashing into each other. Boys and girls were having fun. He thought to himself “what a nice day for strolling along the beach”. You could hear people dipping and diving into the sea. White foam gathered along the water from the sea. His name is Bob a really cool name don’t you think?

As he’s walking along the shore line, he’s holding his shoes. In the distance he can see crowd surfing the big waves. The waves washed up upon the shore line, as it hits the shore line the white foam dragged the water into shore. His coat was tired apart. His feet dipping into the sand, his toes enjoying it. Surfers showing off, Twisting and turning but they were on some big waves.

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