Friday, March 8, 2013

Picnic Part 1

This Picnic that we were going to go to would be very cool because I could hang out with my friends. The sand felt nice going through my toes and making sand balls and chucking them into the sea. Dodging the ball from getting tagged so I was not in. Throwing the ball at Logan so that he could be in. After a while Mr Barks said “ Who wants to fly a kite” and I replied “ Yes” then it went right up in the sky and then the wind got stronger and stronger. I started drifting off but then Mr Barks got me and healed on to me.  

Me, Logan, Uili and Rocky and Jabez and Ana and Annliz and Quziyah, all of us are having a great time. Wanna go for a swim I asked some of them. I had been looking in my bag for some togs but then I found out that I left them at home. Out of nowhere a Monster jumped out of the water and landed on
it’s back and it like a giant Stingray. It was an amazing thing.

Everyone but me were scared and they all screamed Then I said  “ CALM DOWN......... Part 1 is out just wait for Part 2.

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