Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Warriors VS Rooster

Rugby League is a sports that kiwi’s love and I like it alot. Warriors are a very good team so I went with my Uncle Greg and with some of his ascendants and it was going to be a cool night. Warriors here and Rooster’s there and it was awesome. There was a giant crowd.

I like the Warriors because they are an awesome team because they work as a team. The Rooster's don’t work together they are a greedy team but that is good because you will have to hunt the ball and turn it over.

Go!!! Simon Mannering you rock. All of the Warriors fan’s including me. Everyone Shouted Warriors, Warriors!!!! and they had just lost bye two tries and the Warriors fan’s sighed. The player of the day from me is Simon Mannering cause he took his boys and told them and even when they lost they kept their heads up high  

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