Monday, March 25, 2013

My Family And Friends

Hi my name is Levi the oldest boy out of my brothers. There are four of us and it is cool being the oldest. Do you like your family? Well I do and they are a great family. My Dad Anthony was on TV and used to be on What Now, my Mum Shannon likes to dance and she is talented at dancing.

I go to PT England School and my friend’s are Annliz, Ana, Frankie, Uili, TJ, Lorenzo, Logan and Jabez, Rocky. My best best friend is Uili because he is the man. My favourite subject is Art because I'm very good at art. I'm not a big fan of Writing and Reading.
My Brothers names are Jordan, Noah and Toby and they are awesome.Sometimes they can get angry. I have the best brother’s and I love them so much even if they get mean to me. I am sporty and I love running around the reserve.

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  1. Hi Levi

    I enjoyed reading this post about your family. You have a pretty cool family. I used to watch your Dad on 'What Now' ages ago when your parents and I were much younger. You are so lucky to have 3 brothers and I'm glad to hear that you love them so much even when they might be a little mean to you.

    Keep trying with your writing even though I know you are not a big fan of it. It would be great to share some more of your fantastic ideas.

    Mrs L


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