Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Touch Rugby

Kevin pit us into four or five groups. We were aloud to pass it forward and you only had to get touched two times and then you hand it over. It was fun and I was in the blue team. While we were having fun we also go no try's at all. Then we had to sit out for the next game since we got the none try.

The next round we had a chance and we took it and we got a try.YES!!!! We go ta try, we got a try. We got that try against the non bands that cal themselves A$AP. That was a cheer choice try and it was the best try we got. That was also the only try we got.

This time the Blue team against the Red team and the Yellow team vs A$AP. It was so fun that none of us wanted to go to lunch. I CAN"T WAIT UNTIL WE DO IT AGAIN!!!!! But then he said that, that was the last one and we all moaned and felt sad. But the cool thing was is that we got to have fun playing Touch Rugby.

It was so fun. Thank you Kevin for letting us play Touch Rugby with you.

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