Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2013 FiaFia

Gi FiaFia was the bomb because I was in it. I am the man at drumming I was on the Electric drums, Lava on the tongan drums and Tana was on the CookIsland drums and it sounded awesome. Mr Barks was showing his moves off with a lavalava and us drumers had to speed things up and Mer Barks was on fire.

After that there was a dragon that roared in and came down the hall-way and on the stage. Then Isara was on the stage on the unicycle. Do you know what a unicycle is? A unicycle has only one wheel.

Cheering on Uili, Henry and Hosanna that sang (I Beleive) and they were really good most of the time. Uili was the best singer out of all of them. Then everyone cheered and they liked it alot and you could tell.

That is what happened at FiaFia Assembly. Good Bye.

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  1. Awesome blog son, makes me wish I was there. I would have loved seeing Mr Barks show his moves. maybe you could get a video of him next time and put that on your blog. Love ya Dad


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