Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What If I Was Rich And Famous

A Lamborghini and a Limo would be really nice to have in my house. I should also find a house to go with it, and maybe I could have a pool with heaps of fun activities inside the house. I would love it if I had a servant to take me in my Lamborghini and Limo.I would have different types of rooms like a movie room,music room and probably a room to play sports in.

I would also buy me a house with a nice car. I would have heaps of different room like my own movie room to share with my friends, a sports room and a big pool outside. I would have a gaming room for all my game.

I would give money to the community at church. It would be cool as to be rich and famous but it would be cool to be nice to the church. They could spend all that money on repairs for the church. Maybe for the a camp for the church.

I  would ask an Inventor to Invent a hover board. What would you do if you were rich and famous?

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