Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rugby 2013

Rugby is a sport that you may kick, pass, score tries and tackle. It is a sport that lots of countries learn and play against other teams like the All Blacks, which is by far the best team in the world. They had just beaten France’s 3rd test match. It also keeps me fit. That is why I play rugby because I would like to play for a team like the All Blacks. I play for the U12’s rugby team  for Marist. I enjoy it a lot.

I sometimes score a try but it is hard because you have to be able to have the speed to run past them and it is so hard. Marist is a club team and it is a team that  has to beat other team’s like Varsity who are a hard team to beat. I also play for my school, Pt England, and it’s the best.

Last year we made it to the Auckland Champions and we were the Champions of Champions. We tried to make it in this year but we lost against Sacred Heart. They were good. I have to play in rugby boots and there are two types of rugby boots and I wear moulds not sprigs.  I enjoy it but I am still learning how to tackle with my shoulder but it always hurts and it is also fun if you play. I wish I could at least get a try.  

Enjoy playing Rugby!!!!!``

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  1. Hey Levi,
    Great story about Rugby.
    Love that you "finished it off" well. What position do you enjoy playing in?
    Love Mum


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