Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fun Run

​ Breathing in and out of my nose ready to Run for the Fun Run YEAH!!!! Waiting for the horn to blow I had a lot of nevers running through me . It is not really fun to run but it is algood. Do you like to run for fun??? We had to run for 5km and it was hard but not for me. The horn went and off all of team five ran and it got myself all covred in mud and it was muddy. 

​We had to run around the reser five times just like that. I was in the lead for the first to forth and then the fastest person in the school was Potaua. He is a year eight and he is fast. Even faster then me. The teachers had been cheering us all on. There was about 11 cones all togher. I was in blue because I that was my team colour. It is also very hot while running. I had come a tie with Potaua and my time was 22.30 or 24.34. See you running!!!!

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