Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pre-Season Training

I went to the hall at 7.45 to get fit. When I got there I felt so fit I could run for ever!
First we did running then we did press ups with Miss V. For running we had to run 10m to the red line, turn around and go back to the start mat. When it wasn't our turn to run we had to do star jumps.
At training we did all sorts of different activities one after another. We all got extremely tired and my heart was feeling uncomfortable, like maybe it wanted to come out of my chest!
I can't wait to go back again on Monday!
Thanks Miss V


  1. Levi, I was so impressed with your attitude and your effort this morning at the 'K.F.C' (Kids Fitness Club). Even when your heart felt like it was going to come out, you still hung in there to finish each activity. Well done!

    The 'K.F.C' fitness sessions will be held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, so I hope that you will come to the next one tomorrow - it will be something different!

  2. I'm glad your heart stayed inside your chest, but it certainly looked like you had fun working out. It sounds as though it's just the kind of energy that will get you ready for all the sports that you love!

  3. Hi Levi,

    I was so happy when I read your post...happy and misty eyed (that's what happens to teachers when they are proud of their former students)! I am so glad that you are using different paragraphs every time you change main ideas! I especially like how you expressed yourself with vocabulary that made me want to read more! Well done!!

  4. great video,so what are you guys training for.But its good to train makes you fit.

    by John


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