Monday, May 2, 2011

Straw Towers

We had 75 straws for a group and a roll of tape,do you think that you could build a tall tower of straws with materials?

What we did was that we got into groups of six's.
The people that were in my team were all my friends and me.
Some of us were planning for the straw towers.

Well we did go well at first and then we got into a big problem, was that we had to use our fingers and play around with it so we fixed it up and kept on building until the straw challenge was over and my team had won it.


  1. Well done son, that is awesome. It's amazing what can happen when you keep on trying. Great job to you and the whole team. Do you have a finished picture of the completed tower and how high was it when it was finished. love Dad

  2. You all did an amazing job Levi. Thank you for posting this up, it looks like so much fun. Great team work too. Your blog looks fantastic. Well done!

    From Miss Lavakula


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