Monday, August 29, 2011

Snow Boarding

Dashing down with a powerful push I zoomed down the snow like lightening. As I zigzaged down the smooth snow that I had to make it. While I dashed down I said to myself “don’t fall Levi, don’t”.

Carving my way through the icy snow, and I had fallen over. I was amazed seeing my very cool parents snow boarding with there fabulous moves. Me and my mum are not good turners on our snow boards but we won’t give up. I had a great time snow boarding.

Were we went to snow board on the snow mountain at Ohakune. Tasting the fresh wind while it was blowing in my face. I had been twisting and turning so that I could be like my amazing father. Seeing other great snow boarders zoom right passed me, I thought” I would be like them.” When my pretty mother had twisted her leg then she didn’t give up.

Jordan my brother had not fallen off his snow board and he was fantastic. Building a small hut that me and Jordan could play war in it. Sticks and logs were fun to play with. Then we climbed up a tree. We looked like crazy monkeys. Our pretty mother took some pictures of us in our hut. We should make more huts. It’s cool making them. If you make a hut you are amazing. Huts are amazing. the secret enter door was very secret. That was my best door to the hut.


  1. WOW! Such a descriptive story, it's like I was there, oh hang on I was. Love your writing son, an awesome hook, and great use of powerful words. Great picture and good stance on the board. Oh and I agree I think Mum is very pretty too. Love Dad.

  2. Very comprehensive recount of your adventure away! I'm very proud of your amazing effort, concentration and attitude while you were riding! Keep up the awesome work...
    Love from your pretty mum (hahahahaha)


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