Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Basketball Tips

Jumping, shooting, trying to get the basketball into the hoop was so tiring. My arms and legs are tired from all that practice. My Dad had taught us a trick or two. Do you know a basketball trick?

Do you have a basketball? If you do then let's play. You must bounce the ball and you must aim for the the corner of the blue square and you shoot. If you got it in you call it a hoop and if you missed just try again.

Then after we mastered it we played a short game of bball (it's short for basketball). Jordan ( My brother) jumped for the ball and passed it to me and I went for a shot but I missed. Then Dad stole it from me and got it in. Jordan started and passed it to me and I got it in. MY TEAM WON !!! WOOHOO!     

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