Tuesday, June 11, 2013

All Blacks Win

Ready and prepared to see the All Blacks (sasse) (Means beat them) France. Beep! it’s Kick-off time, the All blacks booted it all the way to the 22 meter mark. They jumped up to receive the ball but then France caught it on a full. Number 12 running with the ball Bang! he got hit from Conrad Smith.

 Aaron Smith passed it to Shaun Kane running it straight to the gap runaway stepping everyone that comes in his way TRY!!! The Ref agreed.

My Favorited player is Rene Ranger because he can bump people off and they will get really hurt and it is sore. Who is your favourite player in the All blacks???  Well my favourite player is Hosea Gear because he can go through gaps and can get heaps of runaways.

The Score was 23-13 All blacks rule!!!!


  1. Great description of the game son. When you watch Rugby Legends play and helps you become rugby Legends. Great work, keep up the writing. LOVE DAD

  2. Very cool win - although I didn't get a chance to see the game myself. Lucky Uncle Jono was in charge!
    Out of Rene Ranger and Hosea Gear - which is your absolute favourite player?
    Love Mum


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