Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country 2013

Tainui is the best team of them all and they are blue. There were three other teams like Mataua, green and Takitimu, yellow is not the best but they have the best kids in that team, and there is one more and that is Te arawa and that is red. All the teams are mean maori mean. The leaders for Tainui was Carlos, and Huelo-ata, and Mary.L and Serena and they are the Tainui captains. Takitimu captains are Jesiah and MAry.I and Lave and Kingston. P. Matatua captains are James, Alexandria and Starford and Eleva AND jasmine.

The track is very long and I need to at least come in the top three so First, Second or third. I was Huffing and Puffing and was starting to come second but then I came third and I was slowing down but still coming third Tj was coming second and Jonathan was coming first. I was trying to catch up but I could hardly breath.

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  1. What a cliff-hanger Levi! So where did you come in the end?

    Mrs Burt


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