Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Movie Reflection Bruno Mars Song

Auri,Uili,Tj Bruno Mars Treasure song from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Movie Reflection

In this movie is a very funny movie and there was a lot of funny bites. There was that Logan was a girl and Auri was Bruno Mars and they were making a MTV about the song treasure. Uili was as the cameraman and Tj was the  other boy who liked the girl and it was a fine movie and they asked me to do not get to her and they both danced around them.Fun movie to create  with cool guys. There was funny bites here and there.

In some bites of the movie needed some fixing. Auri needed to fix his ating by getting his timing right and should’ve learned who to learn the lyrics. We could’ve put five to seven more people in the background of the movie and make them dance with Tj and Auri circurling the girl.  They both wish that she was there's but she didn’t like neither of them. That is everything we have for today and see you later.

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