Friday, December 13, 2013

Net-book Reflection

This year I have enjoyed the year with my Chromebook. I have liked it because we have Google Docs instead of pencil and paper. It helps me with my learning with movie making, writing and maths. The one thing that have learnt this year is knowing how it can change your life. It helps me access the sites that my Teacher (Mrs Lagitupu) let me view. I am still learning how to use it properly but I'm getting there. Typing is a hard thing to do but you can get really fast if you get use to it. 

I am solving out maths questions so that I may achieve my goal. For example 1/4 as a percentage would be 25%. The most special thing my teacher has taught me this year was to not be naughty in class and remember to finish it off properly. I have been learning a lot using my Chromebook and using sites like Math Whizz and Xtra-Math. They help me in maths and other sites help me in other subjects. 

The subjects that I like is maths because Math Whizz and Xtra Math they make my maths learning easier then what my learning was like with these sites.Thank you Mrs and Mr Burt for getting these Chromebooks for Pt England School.

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