Friday, December 13, 2013

Prize Giving 2013

Sitting down waiting for the Senior Prize Giving to start I had thrills for what things people will get in. Thrilled to her that my brother Jordan come first in academic. seeing people smiling on stage made me fell great. Know that I will not be able to get a prize for 2013 at Prize Giving.

I have tried this year to become a prefect our a house caption for next year. That is my goal. How could you become a prefect for next year if you wanted to? Prefect's have to be responsible and to now what they are doing. I hope I get the job for 2014. Would you like to get the job?

Then the time was now to see if I could, but I didn't get it but I am a house captain. Yes I am a house captain for Tainui with Annilz. Next year I'm looking forward to cross country and athletics because I believe I can take Tainui to first.

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