Sunday, February 2, 2014

Holiday Adventure 2013

28th of december leaving to head to hamilton for the start of the Samuels family adventure. Hamilton what a lovely and kind people,  it was 7.00 at night so we went  hadn't had dinner yet so we all agreed to go to Carls Jr and it was a great choice that we made and then it was time to keep on heading closer to wellington but there was a motel up ahead and we thought if we should stay here for a night. So  we went to see if there was any room for six samuels to lay there heads down for a sleep but we also thought of going for a spa there which they had do you like spa,s at all? My family love spa,s. We played the animal game and watched a movie after the spa. We watched Real Steel.

The movie finished a 12.30am on the 29th of december and I had the choice to sleep on the ground. only with a pillow and my Pj,s which was a cow onesie. I
t was a great night but the problem was we had to leave in the morning to get to wellington, so that is what we did. Knowing how much my brothers missed that place once we packed up the next morning. We drove for six and a half hours to get to wellington to see some old friends like Harry, Chirstian and Rodney for dinner and to sleep for the night we went to Shane and Jade's house.

The next morning we played a game that one of there sons made up a game with four balls and a trampoline and the four balls can't touch the trampoline mat but if they do you are out.We played with lego and built things like castles until 12.00 but we all got to know each other much better. The Ferry will take us three hours to the South Island. Hope that the ferry will not take three hours.

The ferry is to come. Later see you in the South Island


  1. Hi Levi,

    I'm so pleased that you are going to tell us all about your South Island adventure. It sure looked like it got off to a great start.
    I wait patiently for chapter two!
    Miss King

  2. Hi Levi it looks like you had fun holiday more like an edventure

  3. Hi Levi,
    It's was great also to play the "Animal Game" in the spa pool for about two hours. My fingers were all wrinkly from being in the spa so long - what about yours?
    Love Mum


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