Sunday, February 2, 2014

Holiday Adventure South Island

There was 16 of us at Kaiteriteri and that was a lot of people to feed for the parents. The three families and a couple of friends hung out out like we were a huge youth group - well, that's what a lot of people said. My favourite thing I did that day was got to know the people I Didn't know. What a day playing volleyball and running around . That night we ate something that involved food. The drink that we had was homemade ginger and lemon. The two other families we hung out with were the Placid's and Allen's.

Freezing my guts off because it was very cold so we put on a warm jumper and pants and then I felt so cosy. After we got cosy and warm we went through the bushes to find glow worms. After we went to the beach for New Years Eve were a lot of people were at and looked up in the sky and there was fireworks. Then these girls came over to say "Happy New Year's"!!!!! They were good friends with the Placid's and Allen's but we didn't know them.

We also lit up sparklers and it was fun. But some good nights have to end and then headed to camp and got in our Pajamas on and then T,T,B which means Teeth, Toilet, Bed and then got into our tents which we prayed in and slept in roasty toasty sleeping bags. ThenI wondered what we will do tomorrow. Can't wait for the morning thing to do.

Lets wait and see what tomorrow morning brings us.

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  1. Hey Levi,
    Great recount of an awesome holiday adventure! It was so good, I felt like I was there! Oh, actually I was:)
    Keep up the story telling.
    Love Mum


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