Sunday, February 2, 2014

Holiday Adventure Ferry

Something that rides on top of the ocean is a ferry and it is a boat that takes you from one place to the other. We were in Wellington and know we are heading to Picton in the South Island. Five other brilliant people are with me. That's my family. This is the first time going for a three hour boat ride. While we headed to the South Island we were watching The Incredibles and eating hot chips and drinking ginger beer. My mum and dad were tiered so they went to sleep. It wasn't the best ride because we left at 2.00am on the 31st of december.

We went in and out of the ferry, it was quite cold outside on the deck so we brought blankets. It was hard for us to see Wellington. Once we left the North Island there was a black island on one side and on the other were city lights. It would've been hard for the captain to see were he is going but he has a gps. I have not been on a ferry this long and it was a cool three hours to get to Kaiteriteri. I have not been to Kaiteriteri before and neither has my family. We were going to see some friends there.

Arriving to the South Island everyone on the ferry had to get in there cars and then we had to drive for another three hours. So then I took a sleep and so did my brothers and it only felt like 15 minutes and one of our friends Slade woke me up and then we played volleyball. I also learn't how to spike it over the net.
Can't wait for dinner.

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  1. You're right. What a loooooooong time it took to arrive at Kaiteriteri. Good thing it was all worth it!
    Love Mum


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